Command Description
db!8ballAsk a question to magic the 8ball
Usage: db!8ball <question>
db!achievementYou got an achievement!
Usage: db!achievement <text>
db!adviceGives some advice
Usage: db!advice
db!alpacaShows an alpaca
Usage: db!alpaca
db!alphaAsk Wolfram|Alpha all your geeky questions
Usage: db!alpha <query>
Aliases: db!wolfram, db!wa, db!wolframalpha
db!announceSends an announcement in the specified channel
Usage: db!announce <#channel> <message> [--noembed] [--thumbnail]
Aliases: db!announce1, db!announce2, db!announce3
db!avatarShows your avatar or the one for the specified user
Usage: db!avatar [@user]
db!b1nzyShows a b1nzy meme
Usage: db!b1nzy
db!banBans a user from the server (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
Usage: db!ban <@user> [-r Reason] [--nodel]
Aliases: db!dabon, db!naenae
db!bassboostSets the bass boost on the music player
Usage: db!bassboost <high/med/low/off>
Aliases: db!bb, db!baseboost
db!birdShows a bird
Usage: db!bird
Aliases: db!birb
db!blackandwhiteOverlays a blackandwhite filter over the provided image
Usage: db!blackandwhite [image url]
db!blacklistControl the blacklisted words on your server
Note: People that have the kick members permission will bypass the blacklist
Usage: db!blacklist <list/clear/import/add/remove> [word]
db!blurOverlays a blur filter over the provided image
Usage: db!blur [image url]
db!botinfoDisplays some information about the bot
Usage: db!botinfo
Aliases: db!about, db!support, db!bi
db!captchaChecks if you are a robot
Usage: db!captcha <text>
db!carsandhentaiDelet this
Usage: db!carsandhentai
db!catShows a cat
Usage: db!cat
Aliases: db!kitty
db!changelogShows the latest changelog from the bot
Usage: db!changelog
db!chatHave a chat with DuncteBot
Usage: db!chat <message>
db!cleanupPerforms a purge in the channel where the command is run.
To clear an entire channel it's better to use db!purgechannel
Usage: db!cleanup [amount/cancel] [--keep-pinned] [--bots-only]
Aliases: db!clear, db!purge, db!wipe
db!clintShows a picture of Clint staring at something on a monitor.
Usage: db!clint [image url]
db!coffeeShows a random cup of coffee
Usage: db!coffee
Aliases: db!coderjuice
db!coinFlips a coin
Usage: db!coin
Aliases: db!coinflip, db!cf
db!colorShows a random color
Usage: db!color
Aliases: db!colour
db!crashCrashes the bot
Usage: db!crash
db!csshumorSends a css-related joke
Usage: db!csshumor
Aliases: db!cssjoke
db!customcommandCreate, edit and delete custom commands
Usage: db!customcommand <list/new/edit/raw/delete> [name] [text]
Aliases: db!cc, db!customcommands
db!danceDo a little dance
Usage: db!dance
db!deepfryOverlays a deepfry filter over the provided image
Usage: db!deepfry [image url]
db!dehoistDe-hoists a user
Usage: db!dehoist <@user>
db!deletDelet this
Usage: db!delet
Aliases: db!deletthis, db!deletethis
db!deleteCreates a delete button
Usage: db!delete <text>
db!dialogDisplays a confirmation dialog
Usage: db!dialog <text>
db!didyoumeanDid you type your search wrong?
Usage: db!didyoumean <top text>|<bottom text>
db!discordmemeShows a discord meme
Usage: db!discordmeme
Aliases: db!dmeme, db!discordmemes, db!dmemes
db!dogShows a dog
Usage: db!dog
db!drakeGenerates the drake meme format
Usage: db!drake <top text>|<bottom text>
Aliases: db!ddrake, db!dddrake
db!emoteShows information about an emoji or emote
Usage: db!emote <emote>
db!everyoneUseful for when everyone is being pinged again
Usage: db!everyone
db!factsShow people the facts
Usage: db!facts <text>
db!fakewordShows a random word generated by an AI
Usage: db!fakeword
Aliases: db!word, db!randomword, db!randomfakeword
db!flagOverlay your profile picture with a pride flag
Usage: db!flag <flag/list> [@user]
db!flipFlips someone upside down
Usage: db!flip [@user/text]
db!forcedisconnectForce disconnects the bot from music for when the bot is stuck
Usage: db!forcedisconnect
Aliases: db!forceleave
db!forceskipForce skips the current track
Usage: db!forceskip [skip count]
Aliases: db!modskip
db!freerealestateIt's free real estate
Usage: db!freerealestate <text>
db!genderbendChanges the gender of a name
Usage: db!genderbend -<f|m> <name>
db!guildinfoShows some stats about the server
Usage: db!guildinfo
Aliases: db!serverinfo, db!server, db!guild, db!gi, db!si
db!hackbanBan a user before they can join your server.
Usage: db!hackban <userId...>
db!helpSends you a list of all the commands
Usage: db!help [command]
Aliases: db!commandlist, db!commands, db!h
db!hentaiJust some hentai
Usage: db!hentai
db!hugHug a user
Usage: db!hug
db!imageSearches for an image on google
Usage: db!image <search term>
db!instaShows the latest picture on someones instagram account
Usage: db!insta <username>
db!invertOverlays a invert filter over the provided image
Usage: db!invert [image url]
db!inviteGives you the bot invite link
Usage: db!invite
db!issueReports heavy and weird issues to the developers.
This will create an invite to your server, so we can join and help you directly.
Those issues are hard to explain / resolve if we can't see nor read the chat or other things that happen.
Usage: db!issue <issue json> (issue can be generated at`
Aliases: db!bug, db!bugreport
db!iwanttodieYou have decided that you want to die
Usage: db!iwanttodie <text>
db!joinMakes the bot join the voice channel that you are in.
Usage: db!join
Aliases: db!summon, db!connect
db!jokeSee a funny joke. Dad's love them!
Usage: db!joke
db!jokeoverheadYou just got wooshed
Usage: db!jokeoverhead [@user/url]
Aliases: db!woosh
db!kickKicks a user from the server
Usage: db!kick <@user> [-r reason]
Aliases: db!yeet
db!kickmeKicks you off the server
Usage: db!kickme
db!kpopGives you a random kpop member, command suggestion by Exa
Usage: db!kpop [search term]
db!leaveMakes the bot leave the current voice channel
Usage: db!leave
Aliases: db!disconnect, db!exit, db!fuckoff
db!lewdSomeone's being a bit lewd
Usage: db!lewd
db!lewdkitsuneShows you a lewd kitsune
Usage: db!lewdkitsune
db!lewdnekoGives a very lewd neko
Usage: db!lewdneko
db!lickLick someone
Usage: db!lick
db!linusShows a picture of Linus pointing to something on a monitor.
Usage: db!linus [@user/url]
db!listShows the current queue
Usage: db!list
Aliases: db!queue, db!q
db!llamaShows a llama
Usage: db!llama
db!loadLoads the given playlist file
The playlist can be exported with db!save
Usage: db!load
db!loadingbarDisplays a progress bar that shows how much of the year has passed
Usage: db!loadingbar
Aliases: db!progress, db!progressbar, db!lb
db!lockemoteLock an emote to some roles.
_Please note that you can't use the emote anymore if you don't have any of the specified roles,
even if you have administrator permission_
Usage: db!lockemote <emote> <@role...>
db!lyricsSearch for song lyrics or show the ones for the currently playing song
Usage: db!lyrics [song name]
Usage: db!megumin
db!memeSee a funny meme
Usage: db!meme
Usage: db!mineh
db!muteMutes a user in the server
Usage: db!mute <@user> [-r reason]
db!nowplayingPrints information about the currently playing song (title, current time)
Usage: db!nowplaying
Aliases: db!np, db!song
db!orlyShows a random O Rly image from @ThePracticalDev on twitter
Usage: db!orly
db!owoOwO what's this
Usage: db!owo
db!patPat someone
Usage: db!pat
Usage: db!patroncheck
db!pausePauses the current song
Usage: db!pause
Aliases: db!resume
db!pccheckYour pc needs to be checked, but for what?
Usage: db!pccheck <text>
db!pingShows the delay from the bot to the discord servers
Usage: db!ping
db!pixelateOverlays a pixelate filter over the provided image
Usage: db!pixelate [image url]
db!playPlays a song on the bot or adds it to the queue
Usage: db!play [url/search term]
db!playrwPlays a song on the bot or adds it to the queue
Usage: db!playrw [url/search term]
db!pplayAdds a playlist to the queue
Usage: db!pplay <playlist url>
db!pronounscheckCheck someones pronouns
Pronouns can be set via db!setpronouns
Usage: db!pronounscheck [@user]
Aliases: db!pronouns
db!punchPunch someone in their face
Usage: db!punch
db!purgechannelPurges an entire text channel
Usage: db!purgechannel <#channel>
db!purgeuserPurges the last 200 messages of a user
Usage: db!purgeuser <@user>
db!quoteShows an inspiring quote
Usage: db!quote
db!radioAdds a radio http stream to your queue and goes to it
Usage: db!radio <(full)list/station name>
Aliases: db!pstream, db!stream, db!webstream, db!webradio
db!readdAdds the currently playing track to the end of the queue
Usage: db!readd
db!remindCreates a reminder for you, add --channel to remind you in the current channel
Usage: db!remind <reminder> -t <number><w/d/h/m/s>
Aliases: db!remindme
db!remindersShows the reminders that are currently active for you and allows you to manage your reminders
Usage: db!reminders [list/cancel/delete/show/info] [reminder id]
Aliases: db!remindmanager, db!reminder
db!repeatMakes the player repeat the currently playing song
Usage: db!repeat [playlist/status]
Aliases: db!loop
db!restartStart the current track from the beginning
Usage: db!restart
db!reverseReverses a string
Usage: db!reverse <text>
db!roleinfoDisplays info about a specified role or the highest role that you have
Usage: db!roleinfo [@role]
Aliases: db!role, db!ri
db!rolesReturns a list of roles on the server
Usage: db!roles
db!saltySomeones being salty today
Usage: db!salty [@user/url]
db!saturateOverlays a saturate filter over the provided image
Usage: db!saturate [image url]
db!saveSaves a playlist into a file with can be loaded with db!load
Usage: db!save
db!screenfetchShows some info from screenfetch
Usage: db!screenfetch
db!scrollThe scroll of truth
Usage: db!scroll <text>
db!sealShows a seal
Usage: db!seal
Aliases: db!zeehond
db!seekSeek in the currently playing track
Usage: db!seek <minutes:seconds> / db!seek [-]<seconds>
Aliases: db!jump, db!jumpto, db!jp
db!serverjoinsShows a graph with the joins for this server.
This is not a full history as it only looks at the members that are currently in the server.
Usage: db!serverjoins
db!setpronounsSet your pronouns for people can check them with db!pronounscheck
Usage: db!setpronouns <pronouns> [--plural]
db!settingsShows the current settings for this server
Usage: db!settings [item] [--set value]
Aliases: db!setting, db!options
db!shardinfoGet information about all things shards
Usage: db!shardinfo
Aliases: db!shards
db!shipShip two people and get their love score
Usage: db!ship <@user> <@user>
Aliases: db!love, db!loveship
db!shitExclaim that something is shit
Usage: db!shit <text> [--plural]
Aliases: db!pluralshit
db!shootShoot someone
Usage: db!shoot
db!shortenShortens a link
Usage: db!shorten <link>
Aliases: db!short, db!url, db!bitly, db!googl
Usage: db!shrug
db!shuffleShuffles the current queue
Usage: db!shuffle
db!skipSkips the current track
Usage: db!skip
Aliases: db!next, db!nexttrack, db!skiptrack
db!slowmodeSets the slowmode in the current channel
Usage: db!slowmode <seconds (0-21600)/off>
Aliases: db!sm
db!softbanKicks a user from the server (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
Usage: db!softban <@user> [-r reason]
db!spamWhat do you think 😏
Usage: db!spam
db!statsShows some nerdy statistics about the bot
Usage: db!stats
db!stopStops the music
Usage: db!stop
db!suggestSuggest a new feature for DuncteBot!
Usage: db!suggest
db!tagStores some text for later usage
Tags follow the same parsing as custom commands and the join/leave messages
Usage: db!tag <tag-name/raw/author/delete/create/help> [tag-name] [tag content]
Aliases: db!pasta, db!tags, db!t
db!tempbanTemporally bans a user from the server (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
Usage: db!tempban <@user> <time><w/d/h/m/s> [-r Reason]
db!tempmuteTemporally mutes a user in the server, this will override any existing tempmutes for the user
Usage: db!tempmute <@user> <time><w/d/h/m/s> [-r reason]
Usage: db!testflag
db!testtagTest your jagtag format before you save it as custom command etc.
Usage: db!testtag <JagTag syntax>
Aliases: db!tt
db!thesearchGo on a journey to find intelligent life
Usage: db!thesearch <text>
db!tokenDeconstructs a token to get as much information as possible from it
Usage: db!token <token of a discord bot>
db!translateTranslate a text from English to another language
Usage: db!translate <destination language> <text>
db!trashCall someone trash
Usage: db!trash <@user>
db!triggerUse when you are triggered.
Usage: db!trigger
db!ttbConverts your text into emoji bricks
Usage: db!ttb <text>
db!unbanRemoves the ban for a user
Usage: db!unban <user> [-r reason]
Aliases: db!ban't, db!pardon
db!unlockemoteUnlocks an emote if it was locked
Usage: db!unlockemote <emote>
db!unmuteRemoves the mute of a user if they are muted
Usage: db!unmute <@user> [-r reason]
db!unshortenGets the long url from a shortened url
Usage: db!unshorten <short url>
db!unwarnRemoves the latest warning of a user in this server
Usage: db!unwarn <@user>
db!uptimeShows the bot's uptime
Usage: db!uptime
db!urbanSearches the urban dictionary
Usage: db!urban <search term>
db!userinfoGet some information about yourself or from another user
Usage: db!userinfo [@user]
Aliases: db!user, db!i, db!whois, db!ui, db!retrieveuserinfo
db!vcautoroleGives a role to a user when they join a specified voice channel
Usage: db!vcautorole <add/remove/off/list> [voice channel] [@role]
db!voicekickKicks a user from the voice channel that they are in
Usage: db!voicekick <@user/voice channel>
db!volumeSets the volume on the music player
Usage: db!volume [volume]
db!voteGives some links where you can upvote the bot
Usage: db!vote
Aliases: db!upvote
db!wamyou need more WAM!
Usage: db!wam
db!warnWarns a user
When a user has reached 3 warnings they will be kicked from the server
Usage: db!warn <@user> [-r reason]
db!warningsShows the active warnings that a member has
Usage: db!warnings <@user>
db!websiteShows the bots website
Usage: db!website
db!weebGives you a random image from with that type
Usage: db!weeb <category>
db!xkcdSends the latest xkcd comic
Usage: db!xkcd [latest/random/number]
db!yesnoChooses between yes or no
Usage: db!yesno
db!yodaConvert your input to how Yoda speaks
Usage: db!yoda <your sentence>