Command Description
db!8ballAsk a question to magic the 8ball
Usage: db!8ball <question>
db!achievementYou got an achievement!
Usage: db!achievement <text>
db!adviceGives some advice
Usage: db!advice
db!alpacaShows an alpaca
Usage: db!alpaca
db!alphaAsk Wolfram|Alpha all your geeky questions
Usage: db!alpha <query>
Aliases: db!wolfram, db!wa, db!wolframalpha
db!announceSends an announcement in the specified channel
Usage: db!announce <#channel> <message> [--noembed] [--thumbnail]
Aliases: db!announce1, db!announce2, db!announce3
db!autoroleSets the role that members get when they join the server
Usage: db!autorole <@role/disable>
db!avatarShows your avatar or the one for the specified user
Usage: db!avatar [@user]
db!banBans a user from the server (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
Usage: db!ban <@user> [-r Reason]
Aliases: db!dabon
db!bassboostSets the bass boost on the music player
Usage: db!bassboost <high/med/low/off>
Aliases: db!bb, db!baseboost
db!birdShows a bird
Usage: db!bird
Aliases: db!birb
db!blackandwhiteOverlays a blackandwhite filter over the provided image
Usage: db!blackandwhite [image url]
db!blacklistControl the blacklisted words on your server
Note: People that have the kick members permission will bypass the blacklist
db!blacklist list => Gives you a list of the current blacklisted words
db!blacklist clear => Clears the blacklist
db!blacklist import => Imports an exported blacklist
db!blacklist add <word> => Adds a word to the blacklist
db!blacklist remove <word> => Removes a word from the blacklist
db!blurOverlays a blur filter over the provided image
Usage: db!blur [image url]
db!botinfoDisplays some information about the bot
Usage: db!botinfo
Aliases: db!about, db!support, db!bi
db!captchaChecks if you are a robot
Usage: db!captcha <text>
db!catShows a cat
Usage: db!cat
Aliases: db!kitty
db!changelogShows the latest changelog from the bot
Usage: db!changelog
db!chatHave a chat with DuncteBot
Usage: db!chat <message>
db!cleanupPerforms a cleanup in the channel where the command is run.
To clear an entire channel it's better to use db!purgechannel
Usage: db!cleanup [amount] [--keep-pinned] [--bots-only]
Aliases: db!clear, db!purge, db!wipe
db!clintShows a picture of Clint staring at something on a monitor.
Usage: db!clint [image url]
db!coinFlips a coin
Usage: db!coin
Aliases: db!coinflip, db!cf
db!colorShows a random color
Usage: db!color
Aliases: db!colour
db!crashCrashes the bot
Usage: db!crash
db!csshumorSends a css-related joke
Usage: db!csshumor
Aliases: db!cssjoke
db!customcommandCreate, edit and delete custom commands
Usage: db!customcommand list => Shows a list of all the custom commands
db!customcommand new <name> <text> => Creates a new custom command
db!customcommand edit <name> <text> => Edits a custom command
db!customcommand raw <name> => Shows the raw value of a custom command
db!customcommand delete <name> => Deletes a custom command
Aliases: db!cc, db!customcommands
db!deepfryOverlays a deepfry filter over the provided image
Usage: db!deepfry [image url]
db!dehoistDe-hoists a user
Usage: db!dehoist <@user>
db!deletDelet this
Usage: db!delet
Aliases: db!deletthis, db!deletethis
db!deleteCreates a delete button
Usage: db!delete <text>
db!dialogDisplays a confirmation dialog
Usage: db!dialog <text>
db!didyoumeanDid you type your search wrong?
Usage: db!didyoumean <top text>|<bottom text>
db!discordmemeShows a discord meme
Usage: db!discordmeme
Aliases: db!dmeme, db!discordmemes, db!dmemes
db!dogShows a dog
Usage: db!dog
db!drakeGenerates the drake meme format
Usage: db!drake <top text>|<bottom text>
Aliases: db!ddrake, db!dddrake
db!everyoneUseful for when everyone is being pinged again
Usage: db!everyone
db!factsShow people the facts
Usage: db!facts <text>
db!flagOverlay your profile picture with a pride flag
Usage: db!flag <flag/list> [@user]
db!flipFlips someone upside down
Usage: db!flip [@user/text]
db!forcedisconnectForce disconnects the bot from music for when the bot is stuck
Usage: db!forcedisconnect
Aliases: db!forceleave
db!forceskipForce skips the current track
Usage: db!forceskip [skip count]
Aliases: db!modskip
db!freerealestateIt's free real estate
Usage: db!freerealestate <text>
db!guildinfoShows some stats about the server
Usage: db!guildinfo
Aliases: db!serverinfo, db!server, db!guild, db!gi, db!si
db!hackbanBan a user before they can join your server.
Usage: db!hackban <userId...>
db!helpSends you a list of all the commands
Usage: db!help [command]
Aliases: db!commandlist, db!commands, db!h
db!hugHug a user
Usage: db!hug [@user]
db!lewd => Someone's being a bit lewd
Usage: db!lewd [@user]
db!pat => Pat someone
Usage: db!pat [@user]
db!punch => Punch someone in their face
Usage: db!punch [@user]
db!shoot => Shoot someone
Usage: db!shoot [@user]
db!shrug => ¯\\_(ツ)\_/¯
Usage: db!shrug
db!dance => Do a little dance
Usage: db!dance [@user]
db!lick => Lick someone
Usage: db!lick [@user]
db!owo => OwO what's this
Usage: db!owo
db!weeb => Gives you a random image from with that type
Usage: db!weeb <category>
db!b1nzy => Shows a b1nzy meme
Usage: db!b1nzy
db!megumin => EXPLOSION!!!!!
Usage: db!megumin
db!imageSearches for an image on google
Usage: db!image <search term>
db!instaShows the latest picture on someones instagram account
Usage: db!insta <username>
db!invertOverlays a invert filter over the provided image
Usage: db!invert [image url]
db!issueReports heavy and weird issues to the developers.
This will create an invite to your server, so we can join and help you directly.
Those issues are hard to explain / resolve if we can't see nor read the chat or other things that happen.
Usage: db!issue <issue json> (issue can be generated at
Aliases: db!bug, db!bugreport
db!iwanttodieYou have decided that you want to die
Usage: db!iwanttodie <text>
db!joinMakes the bot join the voice channel that you are in.
Usage: db!join
Aliases: db!summon, db!connect
db!jokeSee a funny joke. Dad's love them!
Usage: db!joke
db!jokeoverheadYou just got wooshed
Usage: db!jokeoverhead [@user/url]
Aliases: db!woosh
db!kickKicks a user from the server
Usage: db!kick <@user> [-r reason]
db!kickmeKicks you off the server
Usage: db!kickme
db!kpopGives you a random kpop member, command suggestion by Exa
Usage: db!kpop [search term]
db!leaveMakes the bot leave the current voice channel
Usage: db!leave
Aliases: db!disconnect, db!exit
db!lewdnekoGives a very lewd neko
Usage: db!lewdneko
db!carsandhentai => Delet this
Usage: db!carsandhentai
db!lewdkitsune => Shows you a lewd kitsune
Usage: db!lewdkitsune
db!hentai => Just some hentai
Usage: db!hentai
db!linusShows a picture of Linus pointing to something on a monitor.
Usage: db!linus [@user/url]
db!listShows the current queue
Usage: db!list
Aliases: db!queue, db!q
db!llamaShows a llama
Usage: db!llama
db!loadLoads the given playlist file
The playlist can be exported with db!save
Usage: db!load
db!loadingbarDisplays a progress bar that shows how much of the year has passed
Usage: db!loadingbar
Aliases: db!progress, db!progressbar, db!lb
db!lockemoteLock an emote to some roles.
_Please note that you can't use the emote anymore if you don't have any of the specified roles,
even if you have administrator permission_
Usage: db!lockemote <emote> <@role...>
db!lyricsSearch for song lyrics or show the ones for the currently playing song
Usage: db!lyrics [song name]
db!memeSee a funny meme
Usage: db!meme
db!muteMutes a user in the server
Usage: db!mute <@user> [-r reason]
db!muteroleSets the role that the user gets when they are muted
Usage: db!muterole <@role/disable>
Aliases: db!spamrole
db!nowplayingPrints information about the currently playing song (title, current time)
Usage: db!nowplaying
Aliases: db!np, db!song
db!pausePauses the current song
Usage: db!pause
Aliases: db!resume
db!pccheckYour pc needs to be checked, but for what?
Usage: db!pccheck <text>
db!pingShows the delay from the bot to the discord servers
Usage: db!ping
db!pixelateOverlays a pixelate filter over the provided image
Usage: db!pixelate [image url]
db!playPlays a song on the bot or adds it to the queue
Usage: db!play [url/search term]
db!playrwPlays a song on the bot or adds it to the queue
Usage: db!playrw [url/search term]
db!pplayAdds a playlist to the queue
Usage: db!pplay <playlist url>
db!pronounscheckCheck someones pronouns
Pronouns can be set via db!setpronouns
Usage: db!pronounscheck [@user]
Aliases: db!pronouns
db!purgechannelPurges an entire text channel
Usage: db!purgechannel <#channel>
db!radioAdds a radio http stream to your queue and goes to it
Usage: db!radio <(full)list/station name>
Aliases: db!pstream, db!stream, db!webstream, db!webradio
db!readdAdds the currently playing track to the end of the queue
Usage: db!readd
db!remindCreates a reminder for you, add --channel to remind you in the current channel
Usage: db!remind <reminder> -t <number><w/d/h/m/s>
Example: db!remind Clean your room :/ -t 1d5m
Aliases: db!remindme
db!repeatMakes the player repeat the currently playing song
Usage: db!repeat [playlist/status]
Aliases: db!loop
db!restartStart the current track from the beginning
Usage: db!restart
db!reverseReverses a string
Usage: db!reverse <texxt>
db!roleinfoDisplays info about a specified role or the highest role that you have
Usage: db!roleinfo [@role]
Aliases: db!role, db!ri
db!rolesReturns a list of roles on the server
Usage: db!roles
db!saltySomeones being salty today
Usage: db!salty [@user/url]
db!saturateOverlays a saturate filter over the provided image
Usage: db!saturate [image url]
db!saveSaves a playlist into a file with can be loaded with db!load
Usage: db!save
db!scrollThe scroll of truth
Usage: db!scroll <text>
db!sealShows a seal
Usage: db!seal
Aliases: db!zeehond
db!seekSeek in the currently playing track
Examples: db!seek 04:20
db!seek 00:50
db!seek 120
Usage: db!seek <minutes:seconds> / `db!seek[-]<seconds>
db!jump => Seek in the currently playing track
Examples: db!jump 04:20
db!jump 00:50
db!jump 120
Usage: db!jump <minutes:seconds> / `db!jump[-]<seconds>
db!jumpto => Seek in the currently playing track
Examples: db!jumpto 04:20
db!jumpto 00:50
db!jumpto 120
Usage: db!jumpto <minutes:seconds> / `db!jumpto[-]<seconds>
db!jp => Seek in the currently playing track
Examples: db!jp 04:20
db!jp 00:50
db!jp 120
Usage: db!jp <minutes:seconds> / `db!jp[-]<seconds>
db!serverjoinsShows a graph with the joins for this server.
This is not a full history as it only looks at the members that are currently in the server.
Usage: db!serverjoins
db!setcolorSets the color of the embeds that the bot sends
Usage: db!setcolor <hex color>
Aliases: db!setembedcolor
db!setdescriptionSets a custom description viewable in db!serverinfo
Usage: db!setdescription <description/disable>
db!setjoinmessageSets the message that the bot shows when a new member joins
Usage: db!setjoinmessage <join message>
Aliases: db!setwelcomemessage
db!setleavemessageSets the message that the bot shows when a member leaves
Usage: db!setleavemessage <leave message>
db!setlogchannelSets the channel for the modlogs
Usage: db!setlogchannel <#channel/disable>
db!setprefixSets the new prefix to use on this server
Usage: db!setprefix <prefix>
db!setpronounsSet your pronouns to people can check them with db!pronounscheck
Examples of pronouns are:

Usage: db!setpronouns <pronouns> [--plural]
db!setratelimitsSets our cooldown in minutes for un-muting your spammer of choice.
Example: db!setratelimits 20|45|60|120|240|2400
Usage: db!setratelimits <1|2|3|4|5|6/default>
db!settingsShows the current settings for this server
Usage: db!settings
Aliases: db!options
db!setwelcomechannelSets the channel that displays the welcome and leave messages
Usage: db!setwelcomechannel <#chanel>
Aliases: db!setleavechannel, db!setwelcomeleavechannel
db!shardinfoGet information about all things shards
Usage: db!shardinfo
Aliases: db!shards
db!shipShip two people and get their love score
Usage: db!ship <@user> <@user>
Aliases: db!love, db!loveship
db!shitExclaim that something is shit
Usage: db!shit <text> [--plural]
Aliases: db!pluralshit
db!shortenShortens a link
Usage: db!shorten <link>
Aliases: db!short, db!url, db!bitly, db!googl
db!shuffleShuffles the current queue
Usage: db!shuffle
db!skipSkips the current track
Usage: db!skip
Aliases: db!next, db!nexttrack, db!skiptrack
db!slowmodeSets the slowmode in the current channel
Usage: db!slowmode <seconds (1-21600)/off>
Aliases: db!sm
db!softbanKicks a user from the server (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
Usage: db!softban <@user> [-r reason]
db!statsShows some nerdy statistics about the bot
Usage: db!stats
db!stopStops the music
Usage: db!stop
db!suggestSuggest a new feature for DuncteBot!
Usage: db!suggest
db!tagStores some text for later usage
Tags follow the same parsing as custom commands and the join/leave messages
Usage: db!tag <tag-name/raw/author/delete/create/help> [tag-name] [tag content]
Aliases: db!pasta, db!tags, db!t
db!tempbanTemporally bans a user from the server (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
Usage: db!tempban <@user> <time><w/d/h/m/s> [-r Reason]
db!tempmuteTemporally mutes a user in the server
Usage: db!tempmute <@user> <time><w/d/h/m/s> [-r reason]
db!testflagNo help available
Usage: db!testflag
db!testtagTest your jagtag format before you save it as custom command etc.
Usage: db!testtag <JagTag syntax>
Aliases: db!tt
db!thesearchGo on a journey to find intelligent life
Usage: db!thesearch <text>
db!toggleannouncetracksToggles if the bot should announce the next playing track
Usage: db!toggleannouncetracks
db!toggleautodehoistToggles if the bot should auto de-hoist users
Usage: db!toggleautodehoist
db!togglefilterinvitesToggles if the bot should delete messages that contain invite links
Usage: db!togglefilterinvites
db!togglejoinmessageTurns the join message on or off
Usage: db!togglejoinmessage
Aliases: db!enablejoinmessage, db!disablejoinmessage
db!togglekickmodeToggles whether we should kick spammers or assign a role to them
Usage: db!togglekickmode
db!togglespamfilterToggles whether we should handle your incoming spam
Usage: db!togglespamfilter
db!toggleswearfilterTurns the swearword filter on or off
Usage: db!toggleswearfilter
Aliases: db!enableswearfilter, db!disableswearfilter
db!tokenDeconstructs a token to get as much information as possible from it
Usage: db!token <token of a discord bot>
db!translateTranslate a text from English to another language
Usage: db!translate <destination language> <text>
db!ttbConverts your text into emoji bricks
Usage: db!ttb <text>
db!unbanRemoves the ban for a user
Usage: db!unban <user> [-r reason]
Aliases: db!ban't, db!pardon
db!unlockemoteUnlocks an emote if it was locked
Usage: db!unlockemote <emote>
db!unmuteRemoves the mute of a user if they are muted
Usage: db!unmute <@user> [-r reason]
db!unshortenGets the long url from a shortened url
Usage: db!unshorten <short url>
db!unwarnRemoves the latest warning of a user in this server
Usage: db!unwarn <@user>
db!urbanSearches the urban dictionary
Usage: db!urban <search term>
db!userinfoGet some information aobut yourself or from another user
Usage: db!userinfo [@user]
Aliases: db!user, db!i, db!whois, db!ui, db!retrieveuserinfo
db!vcautoroleGives a role to a user when they join a specified voice channel
Usage: db!vcautorole add <voice channel> <@role>
db!vcautorole remove <voice channel>
db!vcautorole off
db!vcautorole list
db!voicekickKicks a user from the voice channel that they are in
Usage: db!voicekick <@user/voice channel>
db!volumeSets the volume on the music player
Usage: db!volume [volume]
db!voteGives some links where you can upvote the bot
Usage: db!vote
Aliases: db!upvote
db!warnWarns a user
When a user has reached 3 warnings they will be kicked from the server
Usage: db!warn <@user> [-r reason]
db!warningsShows the active warnings that a member has
Usage: db!warnings <@user>
db!xkcdSends the latest xkcd comic
Usage: db!xkcd [latest/random/number]
db!yesnoChooses between yes or no
Usage: db!yesno
db!yodaConvert your input to how Yoda speaks
Usage: db!yoda <your sentence>